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Article: The Ring Wine System's Showcase on HGTV

Genuwine Cellars The Ring Wine System Showcase on HGTV

The Ring Wine System's Showcase on HGTV

Discover our recent collaboration with The Most Watched Show on HGTV, Rock The Block. Together with Leslie and Lyndsay from Lamb & Co, we brought our state-of-the-art climate-controlled wine wall to a stunning home in Treasure Island. 

Merging Design with Functionality: The Ring Cable Wine System

Our contribution to the project, the Ring Cable Wine System, represents a blend of elegance and practicality, truly embodying what our customers cherish about their homes. As one of our flagship offerings, the Ring Cable Wine System has always captivated attention with its unique design that harmoniously combines the sturdy construction with a floating sleek display, elevating the home's aesthetic appeal.

modern glass wine wall with floating wine racks by Genuwine Cellars Reserve

The Art of Wine Display with The Ring

The Ring is more than just a wine rack; it is an innovative system designed to elevate the presentation and preservation of wine. Its nearly invisible cables and anti-slip rings create an illusion of wine bottles suspended in mid-air, each held label-forward for easy identification and aesthetic appeal. This design not only ensures security for each bottle but also transforms them into a display-worthy collection, enhancing the overall ambiance of the home.

the Ring black cable wine wall by Genuwine Cellars Reserve

Ensuring Optimal Preservation: Temperature Control Features

Understanding the importance of wine preservation, we incorporated advanced temperature and humidity control features into The Ring system. The KoolR cooling unit is meticulously engineered to maintain the ideal conditions for wine storage, ensuring that each bottle retains its quality and character. Moreover, the glass wine wall, featuring sealed glass, plays a crucial role in stabilizing temperature levels, preventing fluctuations that could compromise the wine's integrity.

modern house with glass enclosed wine wall with cable rackign - Genuwine Cellars Reserve

We are pleased of this collaboration and the opportunity to demonstrate the value and beauty our products can add to any home. Our partnership with HGTV has been a rewarding experience, and we look forward to inspiring more homeowners to showcase their wine collections in style.


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