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modern glass wine cellar design - Genuwine Cellars Reserve

Lifetime Warranty

At Genuwine Cellars, we stand by our product 100%

With respect to wine racking and wine cellar construction, Genuwine Cellars offers a lifetime warranty to the original owner.

Please note: The original owner must register their wine cellar directly with Genuwine Cellars within three months of purchase in order to obtain lifetime warranty.

Our warranty does not cover damages caused by user neglect, misuse and/or misapplication. All of our products are intended for interior use only. Genuwine Cellars cannot be held responsible for any fading or discoloration to millwork caused by exposure to sunlight and/or the use of household chemicals such as ammonia or bleach.

Due to the handcrafted nature of our products, some color variation is normal from piece to piece as some wood species contain unique characteristics and natural highlights.

This warranty does not in any manner extend to products that not produced, supplied and/or installed by Genuwine Cellars. This includes, but is not limited to: wine cellar cooling units, wine cabinets/fridges, wine accessories, humidor mechanical devices, and outsourced materials and workmanship (e.g., third party contractors, electricians and their respective products/materials).

Other products we sell

Wine cellar cooling units, wine cabinets/fridges, wine accessories, humidor mechanical devices and other items are covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty. Third party warranty information is provided on, or linked from, product description pages.